Great energy at the WHPP Regional Tournament in Sarajevo

20th November 2023, Sarajevo – The ice rink at the Sports Centre Zetra was filled with excitement, laughter and positive energy as the city of Sarajevo hosted a two-day WHPP Regional Tournament of Under-18 National Teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

On Saturday, 18th November and Sunday, 19th November each of the teams played a game against the other three young national teams. The girls showed their passion for the game of hockey, demonstrated their skills on the ice and friendship off the ice.

Although the result was not the main purpose of the two-day event, young players showed true determination and pushed hard every shift on the ice. At the conclusion of the tournament in the final rankings Team Serbia ended up first, followed by Team Slovenia in second, Team Bosnia and Herzegovina third and Team Croatia fourth place.

  • Slovenia – Serbia 4:5
    • Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 4:10
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenia 4:9
    • Serbia – Croatia 3:4
    • Slovenia – Croatia 6:3
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia 0:3

    Regardless of points and wins, it was another stepping-stone in the regional development of women’s ice hockey. It was not only a chance for the prospective members of the four countries’ senior National Teams to develop their skills and improve their game, but also an opportunity for coaches, team leaders and other persons involved in the game of hockey to meet and exchange experiences and ideas. The event was very well received and all participants agreed that solid foundations were set for future cooperation, particularly in young women’s hockey development.

    The event in Sarajevo followed the WHPP Ice Hockey Festival held in Maribor earlier this year. Building on this year events the next WHPP Tournament of similar setting is being scheduled for April 2024 in the city of Villach (Austria) with additional participation of Team Austria.

    There is another WHPP event with perhaps even broader international participation already planed in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2025.

    Regional tournament of Under-18 national teams in Sarajevo

    17th November 2023, Sarajevo – This weekend, young women ice hockey players from the region will gather in the city of Sarajevo.

    After this year’s joint WHPP Ice Hockey Festival camp with the participation of national teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia held in Maribor over the next two days the Under-18 national teams will be playing at the very first regional friendly tournament. In a total of six games which will be played in periods of fifteen minutes, each team will play against other three teams. To some of the girls playing on a national team will be a brand new experience, so they will be coming to Sarajevo with great deal of excitement.

    The tournament, hosted by the Ice Hockey Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a part of the activities in regional development of women’s ice hockey. The focus of the two-day event will not only be on the friendly matches, but also a meeting point for exchange of knowledge between those who work in and around the game of ice hockey, as well as the opportunity for young women players from region to meet and establish friendships through sport.

    Saturday, 18 November 2023

    9.00: Slovenia – Serbia
    11.00: Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
    17.00: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenia
    19.00 Serbia – Croatia

    Sunday, 19 November 2023

    9.00: Slovenia – Croatia
    11.00: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia

    Location: Ice Rink HK Vukovi (Zetra), Sarajevo

    2023 WHPP Festival and Academy was all about #InspiringTheNext generation

    11th April 2023, Maribor – Over the past weekend the Women’s Hockey Partnership for Progress project has seen its first edition of the Ice Hockey Festival and Academy, an event that has drawn to the city of Maribor girl hockey teams from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. 

    Around one hundred and fifty players, coaches and other team staff have spent three days improving their on the ice skills as well as expanding their theoretical knowledge on various aspects of the sport. The latter was done through the workshops conducted by women hockey experts from Europe and USA. 

    Katja Pasanen (FIN), who is a mental coach in different sports, discussed with the players issues related to the mental strength and finding the proper motivation to achieve their goals in ice hockey and in life. Since the event was a combination of workshops and hockey matches the players had the chance to immediately test discussed topics in real game situations and vice versa. Alexia Cheyroux (FRA), a French Leagues’ and IIHF’s referee, pointed out the importance of having good communication between the coaching staff and game officials, while Heather Mannix (USA), Florence Schelling (SUI) and Erika Holst (SWE) concentrated on the coaching staff. As each of the five teams played a match with other teams the three joined their benches to observe the dynamics within the team during the most intense part of ice hockey – the game itself. In the post-game analysis they were then able to provide feedback on how to adjust handling the situations which happen either on the ice or at the bench. 

    With the main focus being on learning the final scores were of less importance. However, this has not affected girls’ resolve with a stick and a puck; thus we have been able to see some very interesting games. 

    In addition to workshops and matches one of the highlights was definitely the Saturday Night Disco on the Ice, a social event that once again proved that ice hockey brings people together. 

    In light of the IIHF’s recent #InspireThe Next campaign the WHPP also welcomed young girls from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are only getting to know themselves with the sport ice hockey. The youngsters were excited to join their senior colleagues for a joint session on the ice where they could learn new skills and seek advice on how to become better ice hockey players.

    The whole event provided the WHPP Team with valuable feedback on the specific needs by the participating national ice hockey federations in order for the future activities to be even more tailor-made to beneficiaries of this EU Erasmus Plus funded project. 

    The 2024 WHPP Ice Hockey Festival and Academy will be held in Villach (Austria).


    Erika Holst: Bench Coaching

    Katja Pasanen: Mental Performance Training